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"Here may no one be a stranger"
3800 East Genesee Street • Syracuse, NY 13214
Sunday Worship & Youth Program at 10:30am

Update - 9-28-17


THIS SUNDAY’S SERVICE – October 1st, at 10:30 am  

What's Next?” 

w/ Rev. Sunshine J. Wolfe and Kevin Salamone (Worship Associate)


Our theme for this month is death in which we will discuss both death and death as a symbol of change.  This service we begin by talking about the many ways that different cultures talk about what is next and U.S. society's fascination with and refusal to talk about what may come.  This service will include dance, story, poetry, and song as we explore this most meaningful part of life- what's next?




Our final cottage meeting with the Search Committee members will be Sunday October 1st. We’d prefer if you would sign up to attend one of these meetings because it’ll help us in planning, but you’re welcomed to come even if you don’t R.S.V.P.  Either use the R.S.V.P. listed, or click on the following link:

  • October 1st, Sunday, noon - 1:30 pm (CHILD CARE PROVIDED). Everyone (including R.E. families and guides) are invited to join hosts Eliza Bailey and Rob Neimeier in the Memorial Room (and bring your delicious dishes from the First Sunday Luncheon!); and the Teenz are invited to join hosts Stephanie Cross and Josh Cronlund in the Teen Room for pizza and drinks!



First UU is having a blood drive through the Red Cross in our Fellowship Hall. Save the date: October 10th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Important thoughts to keep in mind:

Someone you know and love will at some point in their lives need a transfusion of blood. For some, it will save their lives. For them, a stranger had taken the time to provide them with that life saving gift. It can’t be produced by a lab somewhere other than our own bodies. It can’t be bought in a store, only through blood drives. Please make it happen.

To have a successful blood drive, we need your help. If you can donate blood, let us know and what time works for you. If you know others who can donate blood, have them contact us. If you can post posters in your neighborhood, let us know. If you can help sign people in on the day of the blood drive, let us know. If you can staff the canteen serving drinks and snacks to blood donors, let us know and what timeframe you can help.  

 Let who know? Please contact Dennis Killian-Benigno at or call at 315-475-5759.

If you would like to sign-up online, please use this convenient link:



What is the BCT Workshop? The BCT Workshop is a three hour long program begun by the UUA in 1988. It is designed to promote inclusive thinking and prevent unfair discrimination during a congregation’s search for a settled minister. It uses conversations, case studies and actual events from UU congregations to increase awareness of discrimination in issues such as gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, ethnicity, mental health, class, age and size.


When is the BCT Workshop?  Saturday, October 28th, from 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Why attend the BCT Workshop? The UUA mandates that all congregations searching for a new minister offer this Workshop. May Memorial is very fortunate to have as the facilitator for this Workshop Rev. Keith Kron, the UUA Transitions Director. Rev. Kron oversees the entire ministerial search process for the UUA. He will conduct the worship service Sunday, October 29th.


Please save these dates: October 28th, from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, and in Sunday worship on October 29th.