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Green and Social Justice


Green and Social Justice

May Memorial has long been involved in social justice activities.  Our Social Justice Committee and the Green Sanctuary Committee have combined to form the Green and Social Justice Committee.



We are officially a Green Sanctuary. In 2011 we received a letter from the Unitarian Universalist Association that includes the following:


“Congratulations! With this letter, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, Office of Congregational Stewardship Services, is honored to formally recognize May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society as an Accredited Green Sanctuary."


“You have succeeded in integrating the Green Sanctuary program goals into the ongoing life of your congregation through the many projects you have carried out. Your application offers strong evidence of the positive environmental consciousness that has developed in your congregation, resulting in new behaviors and new lifestyle choices by members individually and by the congregation as a whole. We were excited to see your emphasis on advocacy issues around water, hydrofracking, coal gasification, and recycling of bottles. Your connection to the world as well as your study of food issues is impressive. You now have a great foundation for continuing action in the future."


“Your Green Sanctuary certificate is being sent under a separate cover for you to display in a prominent place. You will be recognized as an Accredited Green Sanctuary at General Assembly 2011 in Charlotte, NC."


“We encourage all congregations to continue engaging in stewardship of the Earth even after they have become an Accredited Green Sanctuary. In four to five years, as you look towards reaccreditation in [future] years we encourage you to work to make sure that your efforts are sustained. You may also want to revisit the Bridges Out of Poverty Program connection."


“I do hope you are proud of your accomplishments. You have truly taken the goals of the Green Sanctuary Program to heart. Again, congratulations on successfully becoming an Accredited Green Sanctuary. Your accomplishments serve as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that we can all make a difference!”


So we have come to the end of one process — becoming certified as a Green Sanctuary — and the beginning of our ongoing efforts. What do we do now? More volunteers are needed to participate in one or more of Green Sanctuary’s “Twelve Actions,” addressing our church home’s building and grounds issues, as well as community, state and national environmental health and justice issues.